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( Video now available - $10.00 )

Introducing the most innovative pack system of the millennium... the Powerpac 2000.

The Powerpac is a modular camping system which combines the bulk of your camping gear into one integrated unit.

It's a pack that uses your ground pad and sleeping bag and converts onto a shelter.



First, take an ordinary custom fit harness system.

The Powerpac system is custom-made to accommodate your dimensions.  No two people are exactly alike -- so why should you expect a pack designed for someone else to fit you?  It wouldn't -- but then again, mass-produced packs are about profit, not comfort.

 A well-designed and fitted pack will distribute your pack load appropriately for your body. -- easing shoulder fatigue with proper hip-based loading, creating an extremely tight center of gravity, improving your sense of balance without being top-heavy or blocking your field of vision, thus improving your back-country experience.

 A tailored Powerpac will fit like a glove, making it feel lighter than it really is.



The Powerpac opens easily.

Built-in compression straps, , harness, shelter, "beaver tail", thermal pad and sleeping bag.


 Open flat.

Pack now becomes a bivy. (or tent)
Your camp is laid out in seconds


 Bag and pad are located inside.

(Options here.)


 Bivy tops are interchangeable with tent tops.

(More options here)


 Ready to go?

Zip tight in bad weather.
Inside stays dry.

  Waterproof storage bag? (optional.)


Fold in half.

(I usually arrange food inside fold now.)

The Powerpac folds upon itself, wrapping your components together -- and forming the compartment for stowage of additional gear: clothing, provisions and necessities.  

The Powerpac in addition to saving weight, will save you time.  

Make camp or break camp in a minute.  Your gear is bundled together -- no separate stuffing, rolling, or bagging your camp. Eliminates empty spots in pack and condenses your gear making it easier to carry.


 Snap back together.

Remainder of gear can be packed at any point.
(Overlap sides and top in wet weather.)

 Fold your Powerpac and stow your gear, cinch the 'pac and flip it on your back -- you're done.  It's like strapping a pillow on your back. It'll take longer to lace your boots.


 At under 5 lbs. the whole thing weighs less than some packs...

Pack cover? (optional)


Waterbags, bottles or platypus can be added to top.
Or, water bottles can be strapped on sides and be reached while hiking.

Wanna see that again?

OK, let's start with our tent up this time.

Ground pad stays in place with corner loops.

Sleeping bag can attach to floor with added zippers.

Take tent down leaving pad and sleeping bag inside.
(you can even leave clothing inside and access through the top when packed)

Put sleeping bag in a packliner in wet weather.

Uses hiking poles for tent set up.
(for this particular model)




Add food, cooking gear, filter etc.

Keep food low and flat.

This will make a tremendous difference in the way the pack works and feels.



Snap side release buckles all around.

Load any remaining gear from top or sides.

Overlap material to keep weather out

Use beavertail for jacket, raingear, packcover, etc.

You're ready to go


At this point we have two different types of "powerpac systems." You can go with a "gearskin" which is essentially a harness\compression system that weighs around a pound and works with your current gear. Or, a "complete system." A pack/shelter with interchangeable tops and other options. (2 lbs. and up) Both will offer you the convenience of the "Powerpac system." .

A "gearskin" is independent from a tent or other form of shelter. It has the ability to carry any of your present gear as you would normally use but with the advantage of the Powerpac system (not having to pack all your gear separately.)

The skin, can be used with your tent, bivy, tarp or any other form of shelter. Essentially you have a lightweight pack that we custom fit to your specifications. Sparing the redundance of buying duplicate gear. (unless your a hopeless gear head like me.) There are a number of options on this theme.

With a "complete system" you give up the separation of pack and shelter somewhat... The harness is now sewn to the shelter bottom as one unit. Shelter tops can be interchangeable. They can be coupled together. Choose a tent, bivy or both. Just change the top and the rest is the same.

By combining gear like this more weight and time are saved. One of our designs for pack and 1&1/2 person tent...2 1/2 pounds. When you add that to a light bag and pad you can get under 5 lbs. How bad could that be?

We even go so far as to customize the rest of your gear for fit and convenience. (pack covers and VB liners) Some people can get their total weight under 15 lbs without too much trouble or giving up too much comfort.

To see more Click below:

Gearskins                          Complete systems

The best part: most Powerpac systems will weigh less than 5 to 10 pounds (2.2 to 4.6 kgs).  Yes, that is the total weight for the four major components of your camping gear. (pack, shelter,thermal pad, sleeping bag)  Of course, if you wish to pamper yourself, the thickest of sleeping pads and heavy-weight four-season bags may add up to a bit more -- but we think you get the picture.

And not only does the Powerpac system save you weight and time, but just as importantly, it'll save you money.

Choose from a variety of options:

Systems start at $150.00.

Contact us for a quote.


Want another explanation?

Alright, imagine if you would, your tent all set up with your pad and sleeping bag laid out you just got up.

Now instead of stuffing your bag, rolling your pad, stuffing your tent and then packing all that into a pack (or whatever you do) just fold down your tent onto itself, keeping your poles separate, fold in half
leaving pad and bag in place. Compression straps and harness are already sewn onto the shelter bottom.. Side release buckles snap the whole thing together.

Harness is custom fit, it can be made permanent, adjustable, pivotal, removable and replaceable. The rest of your gear (food, stove, filter, etc) are packed inside the fold. This is what we call the "Powerpac system" longer do you have to stuff your pad, sleeping bag and shelter separately into your pack. With the Powerpac system it is all integrated into one unit, saving weight, time and money.


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