Moonbow Tool Gear

We believe that having the right tool at the right time not only saves time and money but makes work more enjoyable.  If you have a particular job or need we can design the goods to make it happen.

Think about when you are on the job.  How many times have you had to "make do"?  What did it cost you in extra labor? lost time?  less than excellent workmanship?  How many times have you spent some effort for the better quality tool -- and none of those old headaches surfaced?  'Nuf said.

We offer:

Tool Belts.  As owner of Odd Job Specialist, Jonathan McCue has been providing professional custom home improvement for over 25 years.  So he knows what works on the job site -- and what doesn't.  A quality tool belt is simply indispensable: all the necessary tools are right where they need to be, no constant bending over to pick up that driver or tape (and a happy back, to boot).


Our tool belts are designed to keep your tools handy without getting in the way or grabbing where they shouldn't.  We strive to create a tool belt as individual as you and your needs.  We offer a few standard designs along with (and most importantly) custom designs and features you specify.

Sizes and color vary with specifications.     Contact us for a quote

Compartment Bags.  These unique bags have x compartments sewn into a bag for carrying the most unusual tools.  Great for collections of fasteners (keep your screws and nails separated by size), small hand tools, router and driver bits, socket collections, sewing supplies, office desk tools, garden seed and tool collections, a giant coin purse, a novel carrier for an x pack of your favorite refreshment, or whatever you can think of! Our compartment bags are (give dimensions here) to (more dimensions). Available in (this color, that color, another color, maybe another color). Specify (size, color, quantity)

$25.00 and up


We can custom make just about anything you can think of in the way of tool accessories and holders.  Our products are made to order.

Gear up.    Save time.    Save money.    Work safer.    Work smarter.

What do you need?  Drop us a note: info at

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